5 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Posts

If Facebook is one of the social media channels you are utilizing to market your business, it’s important to devise a well-thought-out plan filled with organizational techniques, the right posting tactics and analytic reporting to give you the best results.  Here are five tips to create more effective posts designed to help improve your reach to your Facebook followers.

It All Begins With a Plan
Don’t just think a pretty picture or funny video will get the attention you’re seeking on Facebook. Like all great ideas, you must begin with a plan or posting road map that addresses the needs of your audience.

  1. Determine the main topics you want to cover.
  2. Select a variety of topics to keep the conversation interesting and appealing to attract and engage a wide audience.
  3. Create a content calendar based on these topics and map out your daily posts.
  4. Consider unique images, infographics, video clips, quizzes and more to keep your content fresh.
  5. Schedule your content at least a week in advance to stay ahead but also allow for timely issues to be included.

Determine Your Goal
With any plan, you need to determine how you define success. In this case, are you utilizing Facebook to drive traffic to a certain business website or blog? Or are you interested in building brand awareness and increasing your page likes?  Whatever your goal, knowing what to measure will help you determine if you’re on track or need to readjust.
Less is More – When it Comes to Content
Your users are inundated with written content on the Internet.  You need to stand out from the crowd and one way to do that is to make the first three to four words in your post attention-grabbing. For example, here are ideal posts: 3 Tastiest Mexican Dishes That Are Easy to Make or Top Wine Bars in North Scottsdale. 

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
The Internet is filled with all types of visual representations. Nothing gets someone’s attention more than a great photo. Conversely, an unattractive photo can cause users to dismiss your post and even worse unfollow your page.

With all the advances of photo editing options on our phones, software programs and free online editing sites like Canva there’s no reason you should be posting unattractive photos. If you simply crop your photos in order to highlight the focal point of the image, this will make a huge impression. From there, utilize editing options to brighten photos, give them a unique filter, etc. and your photos will get the attention you’re seeking.
Analyze Then Optimize
​​To really understand the effect of each post, access an individual post to see the results of the likes, comments and shares that you received. If your goal is to drive traffic to a specific website, the “Link Clicks” under Post Clicks is the only measurement you’re interested in. If your post did not get one link click – you might consider rethinking your content type or message in order to effectively drive attention to your web link.

Now that you’ve been regularly posting content on Facebook, take the time to measure your results. I suggest you poke around your Facebook page to better understand the people (male or female), the best time of day to post and the reach and visits to your page. For some in-depth information, visit your INSIGHTS page. Access the POSTS page to drill down and research each actual post that you’ve added to your site. You will see all your posts listed, whether they were images, links or video, and the reach (organic or paid), and engagement (likes, comments and shares).​

There’s more to a Facebook strategy than simply posting cute puppy pictures.  Once you understand the best images and information to post you can then measure how those posts are received. With that knowledge, you will be able to revamp your content if necessary to better promote your business and engage more followers.

Need help navigating social media? Contact us to see how we can get you noticed and attract your ideal customer.

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