Digital Marketing and Communications

To enhance your digital presence, The Write Blend will write dynamic content that effectively tells your story. We start by collaborating with your team to understand business objectives and then develop a strategic campaign that can feature:


We also have packages for social media management and public relations initiatives that are neatly designed to help your brand break through the noise and get noticed.

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Social Media Management

Are you ready to discover the power of social media?

This cost-effective strategy builds relationships with your consumers in real-time while making your brand more visible online. We provide engaging content and imagery that promotes your vision to catch people’s attention, win them over, and have them telling your story. 

Testing the Water

1 Month of Social Media Management on 1-3 platforms.
$125 includes 7 posts and graphics.

Establishing a Brand

1 Month of Social Media Management on 1-3 platforms.
$175 includes 10 posts and graphics.

Standing Out

1 Month of Social Media Management on 3-4 platforms.
$225 includes 12 posts, graphics, Instagram and Facebook stories.

All content and imagery will be submitted for your approval. Imagery will be sized per social channel.

Public Relations

Unlike advertising, public relations is an organic method of managing how information about an individual or company is disseminated to the public. Through digital placements, influencer posts, editorials and event promotion, we provide messaging that defines your unique qualities and the validation consumers need to become your customers.


Hello Media

Looking to announce a new product, service or event? 
$125 includes a professionally crafted press release (AP style), distribution over the AP wire to desired media. 

Attracting a Crowd

When a simple press release isn't enough ... $175 includes a professionally crafted press release, media toolkit, and managing a press conference.

National Spotlight

Influencing an audience outside your hometown.
$275 includes targeting media outlets: newspapers, radio, tv and magazines for a series of written articles on your brand.

Distribution of press releases are an additional cost based on desired media.